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      中国白血病儿童救助中心的使命是:学习借鉴国际先进经验,协调动员全社会的爱心资源,培训志愿者队伍,调查统计中国白血病基本情况,研究探索新的治疗技术和救助模式 ,策划实施筹资和救助项目,支持建立白血病患者组织和专业服务机构,最终建立中国白血病医疗和社会救助体系,使所有的白血病儿童都能得到及时有效的救助和治疗。


Brief Introduction to Relieving

Center of China Leukaemia Children

Now China has more than 4 million leukaemia patients, and will add 40,000-50,000 more in every year, 50% of which are children. Leukaemia is beyond the scope of commercial and social basic medical insurane, and at the present time,the revenue of common Chiese family fails far from burdening so expensive medical expense of leukaemia therapy.A majority of patients cannot help but giving up ther therapy finally, and therefore, numerous young lives make their farewells to their parents and intimates, and quit the world forever!

Chinese Red Cross Foundation has set up the first Chinese leukaemia children special relief foundation - the Angel Foundation, and at the same time, it organized many sources of Charitable power to jointly establish the first leukaemia children special relief institution – Relieving Center of China Leukaemia children, hoping that it can collect enough fund for the Angel Foundation via the operation of Relieving Center of China leukaemia Children, so as to provide economic relief to the patients ’ families in need.

Mission of Relieving Center of China Leukaemia Children: learn from international advanced experience, coordinate and motivate the social charitable resources, organize and train the volunteers group, investigate and analyze basic status of leukaemia in China, research and explore new therapy technology and relief mode, plan and implement fund raising and relief projects, support and set up leukaemia patients organization and professional service institutions, and finally, establish Chinese luekaemia medical and social aid system, so as to provide all leukaemia children with timely aid and treatment


Save the Children

Wen Difan (5 years old), Li yeuran (3 years old) and Qiu Jiayi (4 years old)…… a group of children combating with leukemia, like the healthy children at the same age , they have parents’ strong and warm bosoms, they also cherish fancy dreams and wishes. The only difference, however, between them is that they are suffering form leukemia, the lurch that their family’s meager income can’t pay the expensive medical treatment fee killed their hope of life. Having read this, except being moved, the children rely on our help!

Help them!

Gao pan, Tan Baowen, Zhang Jingli…… a group of kind people who take the undertaking of helping and saving the life of leukemia suffering children as their life pursue. They know the difficulty in front of then intend to help the leukemia suffering children. Because now in China, nobody is fulfilling the career, but what worthy appreciated is that they witnessed the teardrops among them, they intend to give a hand to the leukemia suffering children when they see these poor children in difficulty, and they will carry out their firm faith in helping these children by making all of their efforts.

Help them , save the children!

Never let the warm- hearted people walk alone! Never let the tender lives become the last teardrop to their mothers!


                                                             Doctor Sun Xiaolan


Sun Xiaolan (consultant)

Brief introduction: Sun Xiaolan(51 years old). deputy archiater. Graduated from medical treatment department of Medical University in 1979, who ever undertook the work of paediatrician in the military hospital more than 20 years. She once suffered from leukaemia in 1999, and recovered by transplanting bone marrow from her younger brother in the same year.  After her recovery, she established  “Doctor Lan office to support leukaemia  recovery ”, which is aimed at providing suggestion and consultation for the leukemia suffering children. In addition to that, she contributed a lot to the establishment and development of the Relieving Center of China leukaemia  Children.